Lehui successfully delivered the 50000BPH bottling line only in 141 days, setting a new world record

Date:2019年5月18日 11:55


This project of Tsingtao Brewery was successfully put into operation 6 days ahead of schedule on April 25,2019. This 50000BPH(bottle/hr) bottling line supplied by Lehui is now the fastest line in China.

Since the factory signed a cooperation agreement with Lehui on December 5, 2018, meeting with unfavorable factors such complexity in engineering, short lead time, Chinese New Year holidays,etc, Lehui has taken concerned actions to mobilize excellent team, integrate resources, work around the clock and overcome multiple challenges to make the project a huge success. Lehui completed all the manufacturing, installation and commissioning works only in 141 days which shows the commitment to quality, the focus on first time right and high efficiency of Lehui.



Here is a letter of thanks from Tsingtao

Energy-saving Pasteurizer


CB Double-end Bottle Washer



Electro-pneumatic Valve Filler



Bottle (Can) Conveyor /Crate Conveyor System


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