Aseptic Solution for Versatile Brewery – 8 axle automatically bending machine

Date:2017年5月24日 10:32


Lehui is the first company in China expects Terta PAK imports HERBER 2100S bending machine, with the value of equipment at 4 million RMB. This device is optimized within 8m length range to make 3D bending shapes for tubes by digital control automatic. It can ensure that inner surface without any damage.

This device can be used in UHT, instant sterilization system, dispending system, aseptic tank system, yeast spread system, filtration system, CIP system, particularly in a variety of filling applications for aseptic beverage (draft beer), which completely uses without elbow and welding. It can effectively guarantee high-level health standard of ultra-beer and beverage equipment.


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