Advanced space technology harnessed by Lehui for their fermentation tank manufacturing

Date:2017年4月21日 10:54

Lehui is globally known as a provider of large fermentation tank design and manufacturing, with an annual output of 300-400 large vessels greater than 2,000HL. More than 60% of these tanks are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, India and beyond.



In recent years, Lehui has developed their market for craft sized equipment which has been exported to Britain, Ireland, the United States, Belgium, France, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries. Made by Lehui has given our customers confidence they are purchasing equipment made with the highest degree of craftsmanship and continuously backed by a reputation guarantee.



Features of Lehui Fermentation Tanks

Different types of jackets allow for design flexibility, including dimple, arc channel, and corrugated channel. These are all manufactured using automatic laser welding technology which has been utilized by National aerospace programs.

High degree of thermodynamic knowledge within our design to ensure the optimal cooling effect.

Detailed stainless steel finish to ensure high levels of sanitation and easy to clean.

Standardized design, custom design, bulk production, no minimums, and competitive price.

World-class certification for pressure vessel can be provided.




Laser-welded dimple jacket



Lehui provided the laboratory shell used in space by the National Aerospace Program and is currently still active in space today.



Standard Fermentation Tank Overview



Dished head, cylindrical shell, with 60°or 70°cone.

Dimple jacket, Corrugated jacket, and channel jacket are optional.

Fully welded cladding with SS304 - 2b finish.

Riveting cladding

PU insulation

All stainless steel 304 material

Pressure release valve (below 20bbl)

Pressure Safety valve (above 20bbl)

Vacuum valve (above 20bbl)

CIP/CO2 outlet

Temperature transmitter

Sample valve

CIP spray ball

Bottom outlet

Rotating racking arm


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