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PET cold aseptic filling line 2013


TOYO PACK (Changshu) Co., Ltd.

TOYO PACK Changshu Co., Ltd. TPC , a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, is a joint venture of Japan-Toyo Seikan Group and Japan-Beverage Group, founded on Oct 23th, 2010, it s lo cated in Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone in Suzhou, with 84 million USD as its total investment. It focuses on beverage OEM business.

The first 2012 and second 2013 phases for plant construction have successfully completed. GrandPak has provided four 460bpm PET turnkey cold aseptic filling lines at present. All of GrandPak s equipments have passed aseptic validation and the line operation efficiency is over 95%. GrandPak is one of the six successful companies with mature PET cold aseptic filling andpackaging technology in the world.

GrandPak is the subsidiary company of Lehui Group, its main products is beverage packaging equipments.

PET cold aseptic filling refers to the product after high temperature sterilization and cooling tonormal temperature, with the bottles and caps sterilized by disinfectant, filling and capping within aseptic environment, thus the product can be preserved at normal temperature.

After 12 years development and long term cooperation with Japan Toyo Seikan Group, GrandPak s aseptic equipments and technologies are getting more and m ore perfect.

The aseptic technology is appraised officially by China government. GrandPaks PET aseptic equipments and technology fill up the domestic blank and achieve the advanced level in beverage industry.

GrandPak is one of the six successful companies with mature PET cold aseptic filling and packaging technology in the world.

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