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  • 产品名称: Complete Canning Line
  • summary:


· The filler and seamer are combined into a monobloc. The drive transmission from the seamer to the filler ensures stable & liable liquid level.

· The pasteurizer and can warmer(for carbonated beverage) applies chain mess featuring high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, good water through capability and smooth running. The PID temperature control system is highly precise and sensitive.

· The conveyor system is interlinked with each unit of the production line to control can move speed, thus to avoid jam and deformation caused by can squeezed against each other.

· Full line made of stainless steel which is rigid and durable. The pre-mixer is unique unit for carbonated beverage, fully made of stainless steel. High rationing precision and thorough CO2 dissolving. Key parts are imported to ensure the machine stability.

l It is suitable for canning carbonated/non-carbonated beverage and beer

l High automation and stable performance

l The filler and seamer are combined into a Monobloc


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