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  • 产品名称: CB Double-end Bottle Washer
  • summary: European Technology Made In China

Technical Advantages

· Perfect Material Balance Design

· Label Extractor With an Impressed Reputation

· Stable & Reliable Bottle Infeed / Bottle Discharge (Patented Technology)

· Balanced Design of Main Chain and Guides



· Premium Steel Bottle Pocket

· High Efficiency on Rotating Jets

· Two Drive Systems for your Option


Technical Data

Capacity: 5000\8000\16000\24000\36000\50000\80000 bph

Mode: D30\D37\D44\D48

Chain pitches(mm)120\137\160···

Number of caustic baths: 3-8 pcs

Pocket pitches(mm):85\94\104\110···

Soaking time(min): 7-24 (optional)

Widths of machine(mm): 2460-5965