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  • 产品名称: Single-end bottle washer
  • summary: Lehui LHPBDX single-end bottle washer


· Finger guidance at bottle infeed

· Multi-stage pre-spraying and pre-soaking

· Several caustic baths, complete with label removal system

· Hydrogen exhaust device on the top

· Top cover is made of SUS materials with water ring seaming

· No dropping of bottles due to finger guidance in discharge

· Modular design

· Bottle infeed or discharge boxes are made of stainless steel

· High degree of automation

· Human-machine interface

· Spraying water can be reused

· Sanitary design


Technical Tata

Range of application Glass bottles



Capacity: 15000~52000 bph

Number of bottle cells per row: 20~47 pieces

Pitch of bottle cells: 95mm

Chain pitch: 155mm

Label removing unit: 3~5 sets