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  • 产品名称: Laser-welded jacket plate
  • summary:


· Optional jackets: dimple channel jacket, arch channel jacket and profiled channel jacket.

· Comparing with traditional heat transfer element, laser-welded heat transfer has many advantages such as: high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, flexible and diverse distribution, small heat deformation, small heat stress.

· Apply laser-welded jacket to heat transfer for vessels, it will have some advantages as below: diversified design for flow rate, tank wall and jacket wall enhance with each other, keep away from the seams of shell, avoid the medium in jacket leaks into the tank, benefit for NDT of shell seams.

· As the owner of this patent-laser welding heat transfer plate, Lehui has fledged design experience and excellent manufacture and processing technology. By now it has been applied to diary, food, brewery chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environment protection, space flight and aviation and other industries.