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  • 产品名称: Fermentation tanks and Stainless Steel Vessels
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The biological fermentation tank can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customers’ requirements completely. We try our best to ensure compact design structure, less internal accessories and smooth surface when we design various of fermentation tanks. The volume of the fermentation tank we supplied is from max 400M3 to min 15L.

We have improved the manufacture of coil (tube bundle) inside the tank and apply auto welding. In addition, we carry out 100% radio-graphic inspection on welding lines to ensure that the tube surface is smooth without scratch and reduce the microbiological contamination possibility.

Also Lehui is the famous stainless steel equipment manufacturer in China, of which the largest tank’s volume can reach to 1200m3 and the smallest reaction tank is only 15L. We have dozens of years’ experiences of stainless steel vessel manufacture and are specialized into the production of equipment and vessels for chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, light industry, etc.

We will design satisfactory products in accordance with your requirements. We can manufacture mixing kettle, tube bundle heat ex-changer, crystallizing tank, atmospheric storage tank, etc.


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