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  • 产品名称: Wort Kettle System
  • summary:

Processing Characteristics:

· Dynamic low pressure boiling process: maintains a constant pressure variation during the boiling to generate severe boiling and evaporation during the pressure drop by using flash evaporation theory (also called explosive boiling, which is instant vaporizing
at high temperature). It is different to common evaporation boiling, which only generates evaporation on the liquid surface. Thus the current process speeds up not only the aggregation of porcelain and polyphenol, formation of reduction materials and hop, but also the evaporation of DMS.

· External compulsory circulation process: A circulation pump with large flux and low lift out side of the boiler is used to draw wort out from the side of boiler and after wards enter into the wort kettle from the central pipe. A multilayer deflector shell will help to form a uniform evaporation surface. This circulation pump may improve the multiple circulation, intensify wort flow in side of the tubular heat exchanger and reduce steam consumption since the wort flow is no longer relies on steam but depends on external force.

· Internal circulation boiling from the bottom: As crew propelle r is added to the bottom of internal heater to intensively push the wort at the bottom of kettle to flow along the shaft of heat exchange tube, to force wort convect ion.

· Low pressure boiling process: Maintains constant pressure, such as 0.3 bar, during the boiling to strengthen aggregation effect and hop leaching, shorten boiling time, and save energy.


Design Data of Wort Kettle:

· Boiling time: 40-60 min.

· Boiling intensity: 8-10%/h

· Total evaporation capacity: 4-6%

· Boiling processing: Dynamic Low Pressure Boiling, Forced External Circulation Boiling, Bottom Pushing Inner Circulation Boiling, Low
   Pressure Boiling and Normal Pressure Boiling

· Lehui work kettle: dynamic low pressure boiling & vacuum evaporation, bottom pushing inner circulation boiling.