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  • 产品名称: Automatic Membrane Mash Filter
  • summary: Effective dust aspirating system,beautifies plant environment

Core Advantages

· High-beam Filter Plate Supported:

With all the filter plates sustained on a huge beam and chains for pulling hidden in it, the mash filter can pull plate to achieve grain removal continuously, which can save more than 50% time compared with traditional mode. Besides, the filter plate won’t tip during operating, making grain removal faster and cleaner, which can also achieve changing the cloth in the original place.


· Mixed Membrane Filter Plate:It is a single version filter plate, of which one side is membrane, the other is filter cloth. It can blow to squeeze the grains after wort filtering or sparging, which can not only raise yield but also decrease the water content in spent grains


· Dummy Plates In Middle, Flexible For Production Transformation:

- Installing automatic filter cloth high-pressure cleaning device, realizing automatic filtration and automatic cleaning.

- The intermediate dummy plate is used to adjust the feeding amount and the proportion of raw material and auxiliary material without limit, and the flexibility is high.

- With automatic filter plate unloading device, easy to maintain and install.

- Special center mash feed technology and positive and negative washing technology to ensure the uniformity of mash distribution and wash thoroughly, to ensure the yield, to extend the filter cloth cleaning cycle, reducing water consumption.