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  • 产品名称: Lauter Tun
  • summary:


· Lehui Lauter tun filtration efficiency:12/day

· Lauter tun Max diameter:13M

· Multi-area ring-pipe gathering system: configuring with honeycomb wort gathering connection, the effluent path of wort can be more accordant with ring-pipe gathering system. it guarantees the uniformity of the whole grains layer in order to achieve the highest rate of yield with Lehui's characteristic.

· Grains raking and discharging: well combined raker and blade will not have the trouble of blades pulling off with its rational structure and also can reduce repairing, it can be used as raker when running forward and can be used as grains remover while running reverse.

· Design of giant inner casing: can speed up filtration, reduce dead corner.

· High-position principal axis seal: can solve the problem of leakage and pollution completely.

· High-performance feed-in valve:umbrella like when open which is good for distributing the grains layer; at the same level with the sieve plate when close which is good for completely discharging of grains.

· Grain washing: Antioxidation washing differs from spray ball washing.

· Reflux: Central backflow technology .

· False bottom: Lehui-made 4mm grooving false bottom, improves a lot in smoothness and cleanness. Square design expands percentage of open area. Properly distributed large diameter wort collector and fan shape nozzle ensures the cleaning and sanitation of the lauter tun.

· Spent Grains flap: larger diameter and sealing area.

· Control: Automatic on-line control through control units of pressure, flow, level and turbidity meter etc.