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  • 产品名称: Mash Tun and Rice cooking System
  • summary:

Internal dimple jacket steam heating control, without water hammer

The efficiency of steam heating jacket is obviously higher than that of external jacket, improving greatly in the temperature rising speed. Internal honeycomb like wall may cause liquid turbulence, improving heat transmission efficiency, decreasing fouling, and prolonging cleaning interval.

Effective water drainage design prevents from water hammer, improving performance life of the equipments.


Stirrer of mashing

Specially designed stirrer of rice cooker and mash tun facilitates mixing process with lower shear force and higher heatconductivity.

Our engineers optimized the four contradictive data, which are low shear force, low power, high mixing capability and high heatconductivity, to enable an advantage of Lehui brewhouse equipment.


Design data

Raw Ratio: malt: rice=60-100% 40-0% ;

Mashing heat-up speed: ≥1.5℃/min;

Brewing heat-up speed: ≥1.0℃/min;

Batch of brewing:8-10 brews/day (12 brews/day can be reached with customers' special request);

Capacity of brewing: 150hl/brew 1000hl/brew or as other special request.