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  • 产品名称: 90000 CAN FILLER
  • summary:

Perfect Sanitary design
This product is the latest self-developed high-speed can filler & seamer which is widely applied in the
production of beer and carbonated beverage. High-accuracy flow-meter electronic filling valves are adopted
to ensure isobaric filling. The function of secondary CO2 exchange can decrease filling oxygen pick-up
without consuming more CO2. All filling processes are controlled by PLC, which makes it flexible and
reliable. The design of high hygienic standards can meet filling standards for draft beer. Perfect safety
protection meets the latest safety standards & regulations.
Technical features
High-accuracy flow-meter electronic filling valve, higher filling accuracy of ±0.5% volume deviation or less. 
Automatic height adjustment, easy to switch can type.
Servo divided transmission, stable running.
CO2 can be recycled for pre-purge to decrease oxygen pick-up by 20% and decrease CO2 consumption by 40%.
Floor safety doors of whole machine, easy for observation & operation from any side. Safety interlock is equipped.