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  • 产品名称: Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc for Ring-pull Cap
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Your Brand-new Solution for Ring-pull Cap Products
The belt type cap conveyor is suitable for the transport of both crown caps and ring-pull caps. Automatic electrical control is adopted, functions of quick switch and cap shortage alarm are also available.
Professional ring-pull equipment, combined with our new electronic valve rinser and high accuracy filler, making it the best solution for your ring-pull products.
Sorting of Ring-pull Closures
The sorting units consist of a storage hopper and a feed hopper. The electric control is mounted either on the sorting unit or connected to it by a terminal box. Operating is done either by the operating cable or the console of the closing machine. The nominated capacity is for aluminum closure only. Performance for steel caps is about 25% higher.
Closing Heads for Ring-pull Cap
Ring-pull closure can be achieved only to mount this closing head on standard crown cork capper. 
It is easier to change over between crown cork and ring-pull cap.
Capper for Crown Cap
Sanitray design. Oil-free capping head. Fully-open design. Throughout cleaning available. 
Fast switch between crown cap and ring-pull closing heads.
Transport from The Hopper to The Bottle
Straight ring pull chute with 90°twist.
Chute curve after hopper outlet.
Arrangement for quick change
The cap applicator, sensor for cap shortage and slide-sheet are made as one component and can be removed together.


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