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  • 产品名称: Small Glass Bottle Washer
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Imported CB Technology - Serving Worldwide
Nowadays the global demand for smaller beer equipment is growing frequently, thus the LEHUI small bottle washer was born into market. With our efforts on technology innovation, the washer runs efficiently and stably. It’ s widely used and highly appreciated by customers worldwide for its good performance of label removing, low energy consumption, comfortable & safe operation, nice & hygienic appearance.
Technical Advantages
Perfect Material Balance Design
Heat exchange between last caustic tank and pre-rinse tank, greatly reducing steam consumption. 
Residual caustic collected from last caustic rinse shall be returned to pre-rinse tank, saving caustic consumption.
Water-saving design can effectively minimize water consumption.
Label Extractor With Impressed Reputation
Low-pressure impeller pumps drive the caustic solution to flow through the bottle pockets, quickly taking labels out.
Large flow of caustic solution is constantly cycling, continuing to strengthen the effect of label removing.
Excellent performance of label extractor can be assured with a large filtration area of drum and special design of impeller pumps.
The dismantle cleaning for the spraying pipes can be minimized due to high efficiency of label extraction, generally only once for every 8-10 months. 
High-efficiency hydraulic label press and centralized label discharge can be optionally applied.


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