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  • 产品名称: LH24-3 Can Filler & Seamer
  • summary:

Perfect Modularized Design
Lehui further developed this new product 24-head modularized can filler&seamer, which is specially designed
for craft beer and low-speed flexible line. The capacity is 5000cph/1000ml, 8000cph/500ml, 12000cph/330ml,
13000cph/250ml,  applicable for the filling of craft beer and carbonated beverage. It’s equipped with
LEHUI’s own R&D “windmill” flow-meter electronic filling valves, to achieve filling accuracy of ±0.5%.
The F03 seamer is supplied by Swiss Ferrum company. 
Technical Features
The modular designed monoblock with smaller footprint, fits into standard container for transportation.
Electrical cabinet and valve matrix are integrated into machine frame, makes it nice in appearance and easy for operation.
Big window design, easy for observation and maintenance.
It is suitable for filling of craft beer and carbonated beverage, the low-speed and flexible filling is applicable for various can types.
Manual height adjustment
Manual CIP cups
Perfect safety protection
Hygienic design
Lower O2 pick-up and CO2 consumption
Remark: FFU(Fan Filter Units) system can be optionally equipped on the top of machine to allow filling of draft beer.
Modularized Can Filler & Seamer


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