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  • 产品名称: Craftcan
  • summary: Filler & Seamer

Perfect Out-Of-The-Box Design

Lehui developed the all in one can filler and seaming machine ”CraftCan”, cooperated with Swiss Ferrum company, specifically for production of craft beer and low-speed carbonated beverage. The perfect out-of-the-box design will be fully tested at the factory before delivery, allows CraftCan to be loaded directly into a standard container and delivered to anywhere around the world, just like an elaborated Swiss watch, the users can put it into use once out of the box.


Product Introduction

The perfect integration design of no dead corners is applied to the CraftCan, which is in accordance with the harsh food safety standard around the Europe and America. The simplified integrated structure of CraftCan is always featured with high quality and stability that are maintained by Lehui and Ferrum.


Key Features

· Using high precision electronic flow-meter valve for isobaric filling, suitable for beer and carbonated beverage filling.

· The whole machine with compact integrated design can be placed in a standard container, saving space and transportation costs.

· CraftCan can optionally be fitted on the top with a laminar air purification device, with 2pcs FFU units. It is suitable for draft beer and beverage aseptic filling.

· Filling valve, filling cylinder and other materials in contact with the products adopt stainless steel and sterile design.


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