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  • 产品名称: Aseptic Cold Filling Line
  • summary: Highly automated with a stable performance

PET cold aseptic filling line

Recently, GrandPak has launched new high speed PET cold aseptic filling line, its capacity is 36000bph. We prepare to develop 48000bph packaging line soon.

Through the development and optimization for isolation and sealing, microbiology control and inspection, cleaning and sterilization, filling, system control, air purifying technology, the GrandPak cold aseptic filling technology could meet the customer demand for neutral beverage filling, such as coffee, beverage with milk and herbal tea, etc. It provides the consumer a real nature green food without any preservatives and additives.

The assembly line is highly automated with a stable performance. With the high performance price ratio, the locally supplied machines and service are the better choice of the leading and developing beverage companies in pursuit of high-quality products.

GrandPak has d Cooperation Agreement with Toyo Seikan, not only provide the Turn-key project to customers, but also providing aseptic Validation management and technology training.



Production to be filled:

Juice, coffee and tea ( herbal tea, green tea and Oolong tea)

Coffee and tea with milk

The way to be filled: cold aseptic filling (at normal temperature)

Container: 280~500mL PET round bottle and square bottle, Φ28mm PCO cap

Production capacity: 460bpm (500mL)