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  • 产品名称: Module OEM System
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Brief Introduction

Modularization, is to design and assemble various equipment and spare parts as a whole system in limited space, then deliver and install the system as a complete part. It makes easier for transportation, installation and maintenance.

As the growing trend of craft brewery, dairy, beverage and fine chemical industry in the future, Modularization is becoming a core part of LEHUI’s business development.



Type A: It is assembled and fixed in the factory before delivery, no need to dismounting but transported as a whole part.

· Fabricate and assemble all the valves and pipes of the modules in factory;

· Then connect with the External pipe fittings on the site;

· There’s no need to dismantling again, and no need for the extra supporting frame. Which applied in:

-High concentration attenuation system

-Deoxygenated water system

-Wort aeration system

-Flash sterilization system

Type B:Pre-assembled in the factory, disassembled before delivery, and reassembled on the site.

· Fabricate and assemble all the equipment, valves and pipes in the factory, but no need to finish all the work of fixation, support and position.

· The workmen can assemble parts of the equipment, valves and pipes with support frame temporary during the fabrication in the factory, and they would make the labels/marks to identify the position of assembly. After that they dismantling the marked parts before delivery. At last, they will reassemble all the parts on the site completely according to the labels/marks, and finish the fixation, bracing and position as a whole system.Which applied in:

-CIP system

-Sugar melting room


-Yeast storage system

-Yeast propagation system