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  • 产品名称: KWF35
  • summary: Keg Washer Filler

British Design Made in China

Lehui acquired the British Microdat company with 35-year history in 2014, introducing a module combination of the maximum capacity up to 240 kegs per hour, adopting its advanced keg machine design and technology to manufacture modular keg filling equipment.


Key Advantages

· Stable and High Accuracy Filling

1. All stainless steel design.

2. Environmental-friendly caustic recovery design.

3. Verifiable sealing performance of beer keg pressure.

4. Fully in compliance with EU safety and environmental standards.


· High Performance, Sanitary Filling

1. High precision flow-meter accurately controls filling volume, reducing the loss of beer.

2. The filling process is automatically controlled by the beer pressure and flow rate.

3. Clean and sanitary design and no dead corners.


· Efficient Cleaning/ Sterilizing

1. Variable speed control of keg washing and sterilizing process ensures high efficiency cleaning.

2. Self-cleaning is available for cleaning head and filling head, which ordinary equipment are not able to achieve.

3. A low consumption of cleaning water. 75% water will be recycled for pre-rinsing.

4. Using Lehui Microdat special designed peristaltic pump and pulse cleaning.


· Flexible Adjustment of Production Capacity

1. Single machine capacity : up to 35 kegs per hour.

2. Maximum 4 modular combined machines available for expanding production up to 240 kegs per hour.

3. Adapting to multiple types of kegs (30L, 50L) and easily change product type through changing over parts.


· Easy for Operation and Maintenance

1. Controlling the whole process automatically by touch-screen or button.

2. Recording and reporting the data of production process.

3. Remote monitoring and analyzing by our online specialists.

4. Easy and convenient for keg loading or unloading.


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