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  • 产品名称: (European Style)2-vessel brewhouse
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Lehui Craft Brewery: Built To Last a Lifetime

At Lehui, we have the manufacturing expertise and creative flexibility to build a brewhouse that will fit your unique needs and production space.

Our 2-vessel brewhouse can be designed in both North American style and European style configurations.

Lehui’s modular brewhouse will be fully tested before delivery,including process control system by Siemens PLC and high-quality imported.

valves, fittings, pump and hose which allow brewers to create low-cost, functional and highly efficient brewing processe.

For Lehui craft brewing equipment, we insist on the perfect appearance and details and "do better than Germans."


Product Advantages

· High level stainless steel cladding and copper cladding for choose.

· Side door for spent grains removal.

· FDV control for wort pump and motor.

· Anti-vacuum stainless steel balance vessel with sight glass.

· Standard removable VED lighting.

· PLC touch screen.