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Due to the simple processing and low technical requirement for sterilization and packaging, a bunch of them currently sold in the market are acid drinks. Long term consumption of acid drinks will be led to diseases such as acidemia, electrolyte loss and tooth acid erosion which may greatly harm consumer's health.

Generally speaking, popular and healthy drinks such as coffee, milk tea and other vegetable protein beverages are neutral or low acid, in production of which the PET aseptic cold filling technology is adopted. Drinks are filled and capped in a sterile and ambient temperature environment to maintain nutrition as much as possible after sterilization; there is no need of any post sterilization or dosing of any preservatives to meet the requirement of shelf life, in the mean time taste, color and flavor can be the same.



The production of high-end drinks are usually adopted aseptic cold filling technology and equipment, and normally containers are marked "application of aseptic cold filling". Any drinks labeled as hot filling or with sorbic or benzoic acids on the ingredients list, are not using aseptic cold filling technology and cannot be regarded as healthy beverage.

GrandPak PET Aseptic Cold Filling



PET aseptic cold filling is a top technology in the field of beverage filling worldwide, because the whole production process is carried out in a sterile environment with strict detailed technical requirements. All media, including compressed air, water, liquid components, bottles and caps must be sterile in production area. Especially in the production of neutral protein drinks, any subtle factors such as pass rate of capping or residues on the cap can result in serious quality accidents or batches rejection which is a great challenge to both equipment suppliers and users.



Our aseptic cold filling equipment is developed by GrandPak together with TOYO Seikan which is one of the top containers for beverage industry around the world. Over ten years of development, the technology has been greatly developed, which has already passed the provincial and ministerial technical appraisal of the Chinese government and seven patents have been authorized, thus filling a real gap in domestic market.



GrandPak aseptic filling technology can meet the filling requirements of all kinds of popular and neutralbeverages, including coffee milk, soy milk, herbal tea, energy drinks and topbottled drinking water.



GrandPak aseptic technology has been verified by Japanese authority without using any preservatives and additives. We also provide customers with turnkey services, including commissioning, system aseptic validation, product aseptic management and technical training, etc.



Nearly 40 sets of aseptic line have been used successfully among different companies, mainly for the production of protein drinks, coffee drinks, milk drinks, tea and other neutral products, all aseptic lines have passed the sterility test on the first try. After the actual tested, the operation efficiency, sterilization efficiency, filling accuracy and other testing results proved that all indicators have reached the international level.

Our equipment has been widely used in the world, serving the most qualified domestic prospects with international advanced technology.


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