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Mobrew Container Brewery



Patented product serial number : 201610658382.6 /201620870240.1

Lehui launched a new design concept container brewery, attracting numerous craft brewers and investors to stand by us, in today's content, we will interpret more details for you on this set of equipment- Mobrew.



Definition: It is a mobile brewery on wheels that integrates a complete brewing process from raw materials to packaging. Mobrew is a basic standard type for a complete brewery which can be fit in 40FT container.

Production capacity: The annual production capacity of Mobrew ranges from 70tons to maximum 1000 tons.



Mobrew is comprised of two modules which is the brewhouse and fermentation & packaging. Additional modules can be added at any time to increase production.

A 5HL brewhouse module is designed to fit entirely into a 20FT container.

The brewhouse module includes raw materials handling, brewhouse, water treatment, boiler, cooling system, fermentation tanks, Bright beer tanks, kegging and selling beer tower。

Mobrew has completed the production test before delivery to certainly achieve “plug and play”, It can produce beer wherever water and electricity are available.



Malt Mill



Brewhouse module

The fermentation modules for expansion of the basic standard model are available in 20FT and 40FT container.



Fermentation module



Valve array



Start - stop cooling system

obrew is equipped with MoTech Intelligent brewing software and control system, All key processes are automatically executed by MoTech. High quality beer is produced with set recipes which allows even novice brewers to become brew masters



Up to more than 10 varieties of production of brewing beer is optional, with simple one-button startup interface.

The most advantage of Motech intelligent system is to avoid a series of problems on beer quality, cleaning, disinfection and other health issues caused by human errors, in order to ensure the quality of craft beer.



Motech system

The interface of the Motech-instruct the operator to feed materials in the mash tun



Beer Selling Towers

The brewhouse module includes raw materials handling, brewhouse, water treatment, boiler and cooling system.



Mobrew is particularly suitable for the city commercial district. It can operate by connecting sets of modules up to 5 fermentation modules for 1 brewhouse. This mobile system brews wort for different locations for craft breweries. The utilization of the brewhouse increases investment opportunities, improves efficiency and simplifies the technical brewing process.



KEG & CASK equipment (British technology)




If you are Interested in, you can contact our craft brewing Division

Liu Fei: 135 6787 9305

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