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Lehui-Ferrum ultra high-speed cans packaging line


In recent years, the cans packaging format is thriving in beer and beverage market, developing its market share rapidly from 5% to 20% particularly in beer market, and the growth will be continuously increasing.




Five years ago, Lehui launched the first 36,000 CPH high-speed cans packaging line in domestic market. The technical indexes of the product, such as filling accuracy, beer loss and oxygen pick up and so on, have reached or exceeded the European level due to its adoption of electronic valve filling technology which is popular worldwide and really cost-effective. The introduction of this product is basically to allow European suppliers to withdraw from the competition of high-speed cans packaging line at such a speed level.



In 2015, Lehui developled the 60,000 CPH (72,000) quasi ultra high-speed cans packaging line and the first line has been supplied to Heineken brewery which is known for its strict quality. The 60,000 CPH canning line for Heineken Jiashan brewery is provided by Lehui for the complete line turnkey service. All indexes of the product fully meet Heineken's standard, especially the safety design of operating and running having passed the audit of the TÜV commissioned by Heineken in thorough accordance with European safety standard. The complete line has high performance on stability with 99.8% line efficiency achieved. The project manager from Heineken specially gives LEHUI a very high praise on Lehui equipment and technology. The Heineken project has witnessed that Lehui has taken an important step in quasi ultra high-speed cans packaging line.




All the time, The ultra high-speed cans packaging line including 90,000 and 12,000 CPH is monopolized by 2~3 European companies. But in fact, the “seamer” which is the key equipment of ultra high- speed canning line is selected from Ferrum company in Swiss with 12 or 18 heads. The technology and quality of Ferrum seamer are of a good reputation and Ferrum is recognized as the best leader in the industry.



Ferrum has been cooperating with the world-class filling machine manufacturers for over a hundred years. From May, 2016, Ferrum began to cooperate with LEHUI who has become the reliable partner of Ferrum for outstanding performance of products and convincing achievements.




In the recent CBB Shanghai exhibition, Lehui and Ferrum jointly launched a new product called Craftcan combined with filler and seamer for craft brewery. And we will develop the 90,000 CPH ultra high-speed cans packaging line very soon. The perfect combination for Ferrum and Lehui on Craftcan will provide customers with high quality and price competitive products. To distinguish from our competitors' strategy of making profit based on spare parts, we are providing a reasonable product life cycle service , high quality after-sale service and fair price of spare parts for our customer. Ferrum has established their service center in Kunshan, China, providing the fast maintenance service and training for Chinese customers.

Lehui-Ferrum ultra high-speed canning line will completely break the monopoly of European companies in the field for years, boosting the rapid development of cans packaging business in beer and beverage industry.



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