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New product has launched|Advanced product has emerged eventually for low-speed canning line equipment



Can Packaging

In recent years Can packaging has seen fast growth in the Chinese beer and beverage industry, with many customers deciding to use this format due to its suitability for mass production. As the market has grown so has the development of high speed canning line equipment, with the situation that now, many manufacturers are offering these products.

As the market evolves in China and the rest of the World, so the need for flexible packaging solutions increases, and as such low speed canning lines for smaller production runs are becoming more popular. In the past these lines have been available, but often produced with low quality, poor efficiency and design that make it difficult to maintain the highest hygiene and food quality standards. To overcome these issues, Lehui through are in house research and development and working in collaboration with our partners in the industry, have developed a new product that brings our experience of international quality and standards, to low speed canning equipment.



Introducing Lehui CraftCan

To further our position as one of the market leaders in brewing and beverage equipment, Lehui has been working in collaboration with Ferrum (a world renowned supplier of can seaming equipment) on the development of a low speed canning line Filler – Seamer Monoblock. Specifically designed for the craft beer and carbonated beverages market.



The Lehui CraftCan Filler – Seamer Monobloc, is designed with 32 Volumetric filling valves, providing accurate filling volume, and combined with the newly designed 3 seaming head seamer developed by Ferrum. Allowing an operating range from 200ml to 1000ml cans with a nominal speed of 15,000 cans per hour.



Lehui CraftCan has an integrated structural design, and the overall polygon ultra-clean platform provides the highest standards of hygiene. The system can be fitted with a laminar flow enclosure if required.

CraftCan has been designed with efficiency, quality and hygiene in mind, conforming to the strictest of hygiene standards and operating with an efficiency over 95%.

Thanks to the innovative design of the monoblock machine, it has been sized for convenience and is easily loaded into a standard shipping container for transportation. Before leaving the Lehui factory each machine is comprehensively tested and commissioned, so that when it arrives on site it is possible to “plug and play”.



Lehui's CraftCan Monoblock will be launched on stage at the coming China Beer and Beverage Exhibition (CBB) in Shanghai in October.


Technical parameters

Head of Filler 32 Pitch 50π

Seamer: 3station

Filling capacity 250cpm (330ml)

Applicable can type:200/202/206/211/etc

Filling valve: electro volumetric filling valve

Filling volume deviation 1ml(sigma)

Manually height adjustment

Automatic CIP, COP and suitable for draft beer requirement

Overall roof type platform, easier for clearing and cleaning

Protective door with safety interlock

In addition to the Lehui CraftCan for low speed beer and beverage canning, Lehui has co-operated with Ferrum on high speed lines. Lehui now has a full range available from 36,000cph to 120,000cph, enabling Lehui to become one of the leading manufacturers of Can line equipment in the world.


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