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Craft Brewery Plant-in-Plant, Yanjing (Liquan) Brewery Leading in China



Market Challenges

In recent years the scale beer market has seen significant challenges with their market share declining, and as a result difficulty in maintaining profitability. Yanjing (Liquan) Brewery is once such brewery facing this dilemma. As a result of their internal review, they approach Lehui to work with them on a novel solution. Yanjing (Liquan) Brewery worked with Lehui to develop a craft brewery within their existing brewery; differing in many ways from a traditional craft brewery, the Yanjing (Liquan) Brewery installed a craft brewing line as an integral part of their existing brewery.



Why plant within a Plant

The benefits of installing a craft brewery as an integral part of an existing scale brewery are many, some of which are as follows:

• Water, Electricity, Steam and gas are all readily available in the existing brewery, including deoxygenated water. All available at higher quality and levels than are usually seen in craft brewing allowing the customer to maintain highest quality levels, without the need for major investment.

• In House technical teams who are familiar with the brewing process, quality requirements and the development of high quality recipes on a regular basis to meet customer needs. Resources difficult to maintain in craft brewing, but available in the combination of scale and craft.

• Full support team, to provide quality assurance and ensure consistency in the production.



The Project

At the end of 2015, Yanjing (Guilin) Liquan purchased a 20hl automatic beer brewing production line from Lehui, which was officially put into operation in July 2016.

The Craft brew line consists of:

• Raw Materials Handling

• Brew House

• Tank Farm

• Filtration

• Bright Beer Tank

• CIP Station

• Automatic Control

• Utilities

The complete project from design, manufacture, installation and commissioning being undertaken by Lehui.



Lehui Equipment

Lehui Double Roller Type Mill

Lehui double roller type mill with auto setting and inspecting of the distances between the rollers providing a leading technology in China, manufactured by Lehui to the highest standards.



Lehui Brewing Equipment

Lehui's brewing equipment is all manufactured from Stainless Steel to provide the best standard in hygienic design. Each system can be custom designed and in this case has been clad in copper providing a classic brew house look, both noble and beautiful. In addition, Lehui brew house technology contains a number of on line instrumentation and management systems, developed and owned (Intellectual property of Lehui) which enables the customer to realise full automatic control of the system from the central control room.



Non-Steam Discharge System

As the new brewing system is located in the Client's existing research building, where there are also located a number of office staff, the project also includes a Lehui manufactured non-steam discharge system. This system is designed to reduce the air pollution caused by secondary steam generated from the mash tun, and works to remove the secondary steam and other gases emitted. Preserving the pleasant work environment within the research building.



Yeast System

The yeast system has been designed using advanced online instrumentation, including active ferment counter and mass flowmeter, all of which are capable of accurately monitoring the quantity of yeast added to the wort, and providing vital levels of control in the fermentation process. Whilst this level of technology is not often seen in craft or scale breweries, this level of control ensures that every sip of beer the customer takes is of the highest quality, ensuring a wonderful experience for the consumer.




The filtration equipment supplied with the system is a disc type diatomite filtering system. Whilst designed for craft use, its origins in the scale brewery can be seen with filtration indicators such as turbidity of bright beer and content of yeast, along with other indicators.



Craft Beer – End Product

With all the production equipment located upstairs, the pub is located at the ground level and sells beer direct to the customers. The cold insulation transmission with ice water is used on the pipelines supplying from the BBTs to dispense taps, maintaining temperatures of 4oC. Ensuring that each beer is served at the optimal temperature and freshness.




Lehui – Next Steps

Lehui believe that with the ever increasing desire of customers for craft manufactured beers, there will be an ever increasing number of scale breweries looking to follow this development model, building up their own craft lines.

Lehui has the passion for all things beer, and is the only manufacturer in China who specializes in both scale and craft brewing equipment. We are capable of providing a complete service to all customers.



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