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Lehui puts  “First for value” for our customers.
The energetic red logo reinforces company’s enthusiasm to serve the industry. During a two-decade-plus journey, Lehui exercises“European Quality, Chinese Price”philosophy, which won Lehui“the most outstanding beer/beverage equipment manufacturer”in China.


· In the past, the questions we used to ask ourselves most were:
What kind of products we have?
What kind of technologies we possess?
What kind of services we can provide?


· At present, we would ask from a customer perspective:
What kind of products are required by customers?
What kind of services can we serve customers’ needs better?
What kind of innovation does it bring more value to our customers?


The importance of“First for value”is to make all employees understand the goal and significance of their work that is to create value for both our customers and the company, respectively.


Through a re-organization Lehui has recently transformed from a private-owned company to a shared holding company with more than 100 employees being the company’s new shareholders.


Our Mission : honor made in China


Our Vision : do better products than Germany