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In 1991-3-18, Foundation of Lehui Industry in Huizhou Guangdong.

In 1992, Rented a repair workshop from local army in Luoshan Huizhou city, started manufacturing of food and beverage machinery.

In 1996, Foundation of Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment CO., LTD.

In 2004, NINGBO LEHUI built up a new plant in Xiangxi Industry Zone in Xiangshan Ningbo.

In 2005, Acquisition of beverage packaging subsidiary plant of Guangdong Light Industry.

In 2006, Set up of the Automation department in Inner Mongolia(BrewTech).

In 2007, Nangjing Lehui Light Industry Co., Ltd. was founded, which extends the business to packaging line equipment.

In 2010, Integration of beverage equipment business and set of GrandPak Machinery Nanjing Co., Ltd., focusing on the beverage packaging equipment business.

In 2010, Joint investment in Ningbo LehuiSimons Machinery Manufactory Co., Ltd. , manufacturing raw materials milling equipment and conveyor for beer industry.

In 2010, Lehui bought back its share from the joint venture with Ziemann Germany.

In 2014, Lehui Ethiopia branch was formally established, it began to build factory in 2015, and put into production in 2016.

In 2014, Lehui acquired entire intellectual property and assets from Microdat UK, thereby enter into keg & cask beer production lines and craft breweries and complete its full products line.

By the end of 2015, Ningbo Lehui completed its shareholding reform and renamed as Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Set up the office in United States and Canada with local service provided, Lehui products fully access to the North American market.

In 2016, Investment in setting up?Lehui subsidiary company and service center in India.

In 2017, Set up Lehui subsidiary company in Mexico.

In 2017, Set up Lehui subsidiary company in Indian (planning).

In 2017, Set up Lehui subsidiary company in US (planning).

In 2017, Go public(IPO) on 13rd Nov

In 2018, Acquisition of German company Finnah Packtec GmbH in March,officially entered dairy equipment industry.

In 2018, Set up Finnah (Nanjing) Machinery Co., May

In 2018, Ningbo Damuwan Project of Craft Beer Service Platform officially launched in June.